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Setting up an HTTPS site on Nginx

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This is my SSL configuration guide. There are many like it, but this one is mine…

Last week I needed to set up my first HTTPS site for Hive Mac, and I went ahead and did the same thing for my new blog domain. It took some figuring out, so I’ve written this all down, if only to save myself some time next time I need to do this.

Here’s what you need to do:

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DropBox goes public

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3 months ago I wrote about an awesome online storage service called DropBox. A few days ago I read on their blog that the service has now entered a public beta phase – which means that you no longer need invitations to register, anyone can do this now. I strongly recommend trying it out. They’ve also released a Linux version, so it now runs on all 3 major platforms.

Here’s just some of the things that I’ve used DropBox for during those 3 months:

  • sharing small and large files with friends (like zips with photos from a trip)
  • keeping backup of things I was working on recently
  • keeping various notes, cheat sheets and other stuff that I need to have access to from work and from home
  • keeping some files related to my work projects, which aren’t in a SVN repository, so that I can work from home sometimes

And I don’t even have a laptop (yet). When I buy one, which I’m planning to do next month, I’m probably going to throw all of my documents and notes into DropBox – I just hope they fit into the 2GB that one gets in the free version…

Dropping files to the Box

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Today I was lucky enough to get an invite to DropBox. What’s DropBox? It’s a cool new web service, which lets users store various files on their server, using software that integrates the service into the operating system (Windows or Mac currently – Linux client is still in development).

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