Kuba Suder's blog on Mac & iOS development

About me

Hi, my name is Kuba and I'm an independent Mac & iOS developer from Kraków, Poland.

My adventures with iOS/Mac development started in late 2008, when I bought my first iMac and iPhone 3G. After playing with it for a few years while working as a Ruby/JS developer at Lunar Logic, I've switched to Cocoa full time in 2013.

Since then, I worked on some client projects and on my own apps in free time, including Banner Hunter - an EU cookie banner blocker for Safari, an iPhone app for, and some others, yet unpublished. I also made MacBlip, a Mac client for a Polish microblogging site (shut down in 2013), Gitifier, a Git notifier app for macOS, and I worked on a Bitcoin wallet app Hive. I also have a couple of open source projects going on.

At the moment I'm not looking for any long-term, full time work, but if you have any Mac or iOS (or perhaps watchOS?) project and you'd like a little bit of help with it, ping me on Twitter or at: (name of this site) @ and maybe we'll work something out.