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What’s New in MapKit and MapKit JS

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Maps Web Snapshots:

Snapshot service for generating static images of a map fragment (similar API has already existed in native MapKit since iOS 7 – MKMapSnapshotter)

URL like:,20.0&size=800×600 (requires API key)

20K free snapshots per day on the free plan

Maps automatically support dark mode on iOS and the web

For map snapshots, set traitCollection in options manually to get a dark snapshot and update the snapshot if needed when appearance changes

Showing/hiding specific categories of places on the map:

MKPointOfInterestFilter, MKPointOfInterestCategory

MKPointOfInterestFilter(excluding:) or MKPointOfInterestFilter(including:), or .excludingAll

Filtering search:

MKLocalSearchCompleter.pointOfInterestFilter, MKLocalSearch.Request.pointOfInterestFilter

Removing addresses from search results:

MKLocalSearchCompleter.filterType  ⭢  .resultTypes (.address / .pointOfInterest / .query)

MKLocalSearch.Request.resultTypes (.address / .pointOfInterest)

Results: MKMapItem.pointOfInterestCategory

(You might get results with a different pointOfInterestCategory than the filter you’ve set, because some places may have a primary and secondary category)

MKMultiPolygon, MKMultiLine – for creating groups of map overlays with the same settings (colors etc.)

MKMultiPolygonRenderer, MKMultiLineRenderer (whole group uses one renderer)

Overlays are now rendered as vectors, not bitmaps

Opt out with: MKOverlayPathRenderer.shouldRasterize = true

Parsing GeoJSON: MKGeoJSONFeature, MKGeoJSONDecoder

Indoor Mapping Data Format – built on top of GeoJSON

Camera boundary: puts a constraint on how far the user can move/zoom out, by specifying a region in which the map center must be contained

mapView.cameraBoundary / MKMapView.CameraBoundary

Specify using MKMapRect or MKCoordinateRegion

This is also enforced when moving the map programatically


mapView.cameraZoomRange = MKMapView.CameraZoomRange(…)

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