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Modern Swift API Design

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Your most important goal as an API designer: Clarity at the point of use

Make it obvious when reading the API what it’s doing and how to use it correctly

Apple will not use prefixes in new Swift-only frameworks

Be careful – imported names are brought into a single namespace, so a very general name will require your users to manually disambiguate names in case of conflicts

Structs vs. classes:

  • both have their roles
  • prefer structs by default over classes, unless you have a good reason
  • use classes if you need the reference semantics, reference counting and deinitialization
  • use classes if the value is held centrally and shared
  • use classes if there is a separate notion of identity and equality

RealityKit: entities are references, handles into shared objects that live inside the rendering engine, so classes make sense

Objects used to configure entities – locations, materials etc. – are mostly structs

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What's the name of the base class of all AppKit and UIKit classes?