The source data is currently missing updates for US states since 3/23

Note: data updates may be delayed due to changes in the source data that require updating the import code. You should see a warning if that happens. Data is also usually several hours behind the official dashboard - see the "last data update" in the footer.


29.03: Added dark mode support (automatically follows the OS's theme).

28.03: The URL now includes the linear/logarithmic/daily increase/percent setting, e.g. a link like will automatically open the % increase view. (Other settings like align by day or the selected set of countries in compare view aren't saved yet.)

28.03: JHU has brought back the data file for recovered, so I've added that back to the charts. As for the US states, I'm evaluating another source from NYTimes.

27.03: Added "Per 1 mln population" switch in the compare view.

27.03: Added "% daily increase" mode in single country charts and the compare view.

26.03: Added a search field in the country list sidebar.

23.03: You can now add states and provinces to the Compare chart.

23.03: Removed the "Top Countries" and "Top in Europe" views - use "Compare Countries" instead.

23.03: Added an option to compare the number of deaths in "Compare Countries".

18.03: Added a new section "Compare Countries" that works like the old "Top countries" sections, but lets you pick any country set, choose logarithmic scale, and align the data series horizontally by day since the 100th confirmed case.

16.03: Several additional values from previous days for various countries were fixed manually (see below).

16.03: The source data is sometimes missing new data for some important countries. In some cases I manually override the data with values found elsewhere - there is now a link in the footer that lists all those data fixes.

12.03: Added last data update info in the footer.

12.03: Added the "Top in Europe" chart.

11.03: You can now link to a specific country chart, e.g.

11.03: Added this info dialog.

11.03: Data from the US now includes per-state entries, which is in some cases significantly higher than the previously published per-county data (e.g. Washington), hence the sudden jump in US numbers on 10 March.

6.03: First version.