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JSLint on Rails available as gem

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I released version 1.0 of JSLint on Rails yesterday. It has a few new options (see Github project page for more info), but the biggest change is that it’s now available both as a plugin and as a gem, so it can be used also with Merb and other frameworks which don’t support Rails plugins.

To use JSLint as a gem:

  • install the gem (gem install jslint_on_rails, or via bundler)
  • include JSLint’s tasks in your Rakefile: require 'jslint/tasks'
  • also in the Rakefile, set path to your config file: JSLint.config_path = "config/jslint.yml" (put it anywhere you want)
  • create a sample config: rake jslint:copy_config

After that, you can update your config and run the test as described in the previous post (rake jslint).


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