Banner Hunter Privacy Policy

Last updated: 5 Sep 2019

iOS app

The app does not collect any information about the user's behavior, identity or location. It also doesn't track any information about the sites visited in Safari – in fact, it's technically unable to do that, since the content blocker can only pass a blocklist to the Safari engine, which handles all the blocking itself.

Banner Hunter does not currently use any third party or custom made analytics or crash reporting packages (or any other closed source third party SDKs for that matter). It relies on the built-in system analytics and crash reporting, which is handled by the OS and shared with developers by Apple, but only for the users that opt in to sharing such data.

A simple logging library is used to record a basic trace of the app's execution in a local file. The log is not automatically uploaded anywhere outside of the device.

Downloading the blocklist

The app periodically connects to the server this site is hosted on in order to download the latest version of the blocklist. For statistical purposes, the request includes:

Reporting sites

When the user selects Banner Hunter from the share popup when browsing a website, the app reads the URL of the currently opened page. The URL is only shared with the author if the user submits the report. The report also includes the same version, model and timestamp info as listed above (the sender's IP address is also stored with the report).

Submitted page URLs will only be used for the purpose of analysing the layout of the site in order to add any relevant banners and popups to the blocklist, they will not be shared with third parties and will only be stored for a period of at most 90 days. Any personal or sensitive information contained in accidentally submitted pages will be handled with care and not abused in any way.


For any questions about the privacy policy, please contact the author (Kuba Suder) at