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DropBox goes public

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3 months ago I wrote about an awesome online storage service called DropBox. A few days ago I read on their blog that the service has now entered a public beta phase – which means that you no longer need invitations to register, anyone can do this now. I strongly recommend trying it out. They’ve also released a Linux version, so it now runs on all 3 major platforms.

Here’s just some of the things that I’ve used DropBox for during those 3 months:

  • sharing small and large files with friends (like zips with photos from a trip)
  • keeping backup of things I was working on recently
  • keeping various notes, cheat sheets and other stuff that I need to have access to from work and from home
  • keeping some files related to my work projects, which aren’t in a SVN repository, so that I can work from home sometimes

And I don’t even have a laptop (yet). When I buy one, which I’m planning to do next month, I’m probably going to throw all of my documents and notes into DropBox – I just hope they fit into the 2GB that one gets in the free version…

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